Why You Need A Learning Management System For eLearning?

Think that you need a vast and safe repository of information and data at one place from where you can access, retrieve, and work with them anytime, anywhere. When you have an LMS or a learning management system you get this.


Today with the upsurge of remote learning, a learning management system has become the backbone of this technologically advanced model of an alternative approach. To understand it, you have to know about the technicalities and how it can help you. Here is an overview of an LMS for your help.


What is a Learning Management System software?


In simple words, it is a software-based platform that enables content creation, upload, management, delivery, and keep a track of any organizations’ digital learning. This happens to be the powerhouse of online learning.  They come with varied formats and some also have scope for revenue generation if both teaching and earn, are the objective.


Online learning platforms, like Flipclasses, comes with custom options and go beyond the basic functionalities with sophisticated AI technology and other advanced technologies.


Who will need an LMS?


The use of LMS is global across various industries that deal with learning.  It has been widely adopted by many institutes and also for individual practices. The global LMS market is predicted to grow and with this pandemic and lockdown, to happen this real is closer.  


There are two kinds of LMS users:


Administrators for managing the LMS that includes multiple tasks like course creation, scheduling classes, course planning, assignment and assessments, track progress, and other admin related functions.

Learners who are the receiving end can perform several tasks like course cataloging, access courses, and measure self-progress.


Why is an LMS used?


In its fundamental role a learning management system centralizes, execute and measure learning activities. But, if you want this tool for corporate sectors, you can do the following as well:


  • Employee Onboarding
  • Employee Development and Retention
  • Compliance Training
  • Sales Enablement
  • Customer Training
  • Partner Training
  • Member Training

The benefits of an LMS


An LMS comes with a multitude of benefits for institutes, corporate practices, and learners. Below are the top benefits that you may like to know.


Top benefits for administrators


  • Lower learning and course development price
  • Reduce training or onboarding time for employees, customers, and partners
  • AI advantages
  • Maintain compliance
  • Track progress and performance
  • Correlates learning progress with organizational profits

Top Benefits for learners


  • More knowledge retention
  • Centralized and easily accessible course material
  • Better performance and self-analysis


Key Features


Below are some of the essential features that every LMS must-have.


Artificial Intelligence to help personalization of the learning experience for every learner with course formats and suggestions-based topics that are relevant to the topic already covered.


Automated admin related tasks to eliminate repetitive tasks and reduce manual errors.


Certifications and Re-training make it easier and convenient with one-time course creation and future edits as required.


Manage course and cataloging.  Being the backbone of eLearning, it helps to create a centralized course and maintain proper catalogues and offer personalized learning.


Content integration and package the course according to interoperable standards like the AICC, SCORM, and xAPI.


Gamification to enhance user/learner engagement with scope to earn badges, points, awards, as they learn.


Integration with third-party platforms like video conferencing tools, Salesforce CRM, and more.


Mobile learning enables content access from every kind of device. 


Multi-domain to suit your versatile audience and their needs.


Microlearning offers smaller learning content to encourage learning for them who have short attention spans.


Auto report generation to understand the progress of learners and get insights to offer customized teaching if required.



Social media integration to support and encourage discussion and collaboration between peers and mentors and also to curate knowledge.


LMS tracking


This is a key advantage for data-driven companies as the software provides essential metrics for analysis and decision making. Also, it can track course updates and completion, learner’s progress, and performances.


An LMS can be categorized in two ways:


SaaS-based LMS that provides a core purchased platform with free upgrading and scalability.  The app development company will offer support services and keep all data and information in the cloud. Flipclasses is a CRM enabled software that is specifically made keeping in mind the technological challenges that come with technical tools and devices.


Installable LMS that is hosted locally on the server of the purchaser.  In this kind of LMS, the service and support requirement is completely an organization’s choice, if they want any or not.

Industry-related LMS are mainly created with keeping in mind corporate specifications for training.  They are different from institute specific LMS. You can find here more about how they differ from academic LMS.


How Flipclasses can help you in your remote learning approach?


Flipclasses brings for you both the educational LMS and also the enterprise LMS to meet your various requirements. This is a cloud-based platform that comes with AI-enabled and custom options to make changes to meet your requirements.


Why this will be the right software for your business?


A brilliant software with the below functionalities:

  1. Program/course planning
  2. AI powdered for competitive advantage
  3. Performance assessment
  4. User feedback
  5. Course management
  6. Multimedia integration
  7. Safe and secured
  8. Custom options


With everything that an updated LMS can offer, you can experience business growth and your purposes met.




Now, when you know that an online learning management system can meet both academic expectations and corporate training in multiple ways, it is time to have software to meet your purpose.

With most of the organizations realizing that the best way to sustain any unexpected situation like the recent COVID 19 crises when education has been greatly impacted, is to go for remote learning as an alternative approach to complement if not substitute classroom teaching, what have been you waiting for?

Get your learning management system and achieve your goal.

What you need to do is list your requirements, compare the software to see that suits your needs, and also a price tally.

With so many software available in the market, decide wisely, because it is a big investment.

Want to know more? Connect with our team. We will be happy to help you.

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