COVID 19 And The New Wave Of Learning Management System

COVID 19 has brought a sudden halt in the entire education system across the globe. Some several schools and universities have shut down and students are on the verge of losing one academic year. There are unprecedented challenges on governments, institutes, faculties, students, and parents.


In this crisis, many nations are trying their best to handle this situation in their ways, deploying various modes with a mix of technological innovations. Almost every country is encouraging educational institutes to deliver classes through a virtual medium.


This intuitive with remote learning can enable the transformation of classrooms into virtual teachings. Instead of paper works and pages with study materials, you can have, e-books, online video-based courses with graphics, animations, games, quizzes, and e-notes to make e-learning easy and convenient. And having one of the best learning management systems, you can address your endeavor more conveniently. To know more about it, find here.


There are educational apps that can help manage every task by a school in a better way. The apps can help to centralize your courses, help you go paperless, assist you in your administrative works, look after different subjects, enable better communication between teachers, parents, and students.


Reasons to offer remote classes

  1.  A cost-effective and better learning environment
  2.  Enables students to access course material at any time and from any place.
  3.  Flexible timing and scheduling
  4.  Students can take up courses from any device, and any location. There is no constraint.
  5.  For corporate training, you don’t have to pay for room rents for teaching. Also, you don’t have to pay for their conveyance.
  6.  With better communication, direct feedback from teachers.
  7.  Real-time supervision of students and their progress can take place without any hassle.
  8.  This will increase class attendance.
  9.  Create a better image of your institute for being technologically advanced.
  10.  Online teaching with video conferencing


With fine software, you can enable video conferencing to teach and carry out the courses with flair.  The teachers can create classes and also supervise the attendance of students. This enables better communication as both teachers and students can watch each other as they converse.


A learning management system software has a web portal that can be accessed by students to start with classes, read content, get engaged in additional activities, and take part in a group conversation or chat as you welcome social interaction as an essential part of learning.


In this virtual classroom, a teacher uses whiteboards and every material that is needed in a classroom. There are a hundred percentage collaboration and communication between faculties and students. Also, the software can help to carry out attendance and report generation, without any fail.


With eLearning, automation finds its best utility. With this feature, teachers can generate reports for attendance and progress. This helps to supervise performance without even being physically present.


COVID-19 or coronavirus to accelerate eLearning


This pandemic has brought many challenges to the conventional system of education. E-learning comes as hope but can all everyone affords with infrastructure and scope?

They who can conduct remote classrooms, are doing it nicely. It is time to take examples from them if you can arrange the factors essential to have virtual teaching as an option.


E-Learning to add normalcy to education


If you are following our blogs, you must be aware of how we have been trying to normalize e-learning as a concept alongside conventional classrooms. And if you are new on this page, you can take a look at our blogs that we have been sharing from time to time, telling about the benefits and advantages of having e-learning as a scope.


This pandemic has brought a halt in the traditional teaching methods and also direct us to look for another option that can help with ongoing education even when one approach may fail.


As with education, corporate training is also taking remote learning into significance to continue with the courses.


Teachers have all materials with themselves and they can conduct classes online. This enables real-time content uploading, get feedback, communicate on time, keep track of progress and performance.


Coronavirus integrates technology into the process


The spread of the virus has disrupted the education system across the globe. It is essential to take measures so that the entire system is not hampered. This makes you integrate the online mode of learning and teaching into your curriculum.

This pandemic has affected many verticals, the academic sector is one. When, everyone cannot afford to get every infrastructure right away, yet this is a new hope.




With the acceleration of digital learning, there is some highlight about the digital division among people, as well. This needs infrastructure and students from rural areas or having poor backgrounds, will face the brunt. The initiatives by telecom networks and the coming of 5G services will greatly impact this sector.

Experts say that India alone can witness a 50% rise in students in the coming decade is online education gets merged with the conventional teaching approach. Scopes are being provided by the government and new schemes are being carried out to help everyone across this sector.

The sudden change brought by COVID 19 has its benefits. Every time we have seen with drastic natural calamities or man-made situations like the world wars, the humankind has witnessed progress and innovations.

If you have an educational institute or plan to carry out corporate training, and want assistance with learning management tools, feel free to contact us.

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