Current problems in conventional classroom based education

In this article, we will discuss some real and growing issues of conventional classroom based education. 


1. The current education system does not collect day to day interaction or data of every students. There is no scope in reality. Hence we have very limited chance to generate analytics on strength and weaknesses.

2. Since the current education system does not generate report based on daily activities, we are highly dependent on exam based system and failing on which the future of a student or a trainee becomes miserable.

3. Since the current education system is exam oriented we are forced to take generic decision. For example parents sometime pass general comment like my kid is not good at mathematics. The problem is one can’t be bad in entire mathematics. He/she might be weak in some areas. But since our interactions are not highly digital, we don’t store day to day data and thereby have no capability to produce right analytics on where she is strong and where she is weak.

4. Teachers are only one category of people who does not have correct feedback. In corporate we have feedback, in retail we have employee feedback but unfortunately teachers have not much feedback. They also deserve feedback so that they can improve.

5. Due to lack of digital platform information is not easily accessible. We still see parents wait at end of school or in a schedule day in order to discuss with teachers about their child’s progress. If some lesson is being missed in classroom there is no way for the student to re-visit the lesson at their free time.

6. Lack of personalisation - the current classrooms are generic. Since every individual irrespective of their understanding level have same study material.

7. Contents can’t be uptodate and can’t be reflected to the students immediately.
8. Lack of continuous communication on a topic.


The list is not exoustive but these are few major areas where we need to improve real fast in order to produce better future generation. We at Flipclasses, constantly working to resolve those issues. If you wish to discuss how we are doing it, please drom an email to

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