Students can access their curriculum details and all associated files in an orderly fashion, along with any assigned tasks, such as quizzes or homework. Being at work, at home or at the university, wherever one has access to internet, it is always possible to stay connected and up-to-date.


  • Communication – a dedicated internal system for reading messages, notifications and sending mail to other students, teachers andadministration.
  • Fraternizing – students can search anddiscover all of the other people within the establishment and send private messages.
  • Calendar – based on the curriculum, modules, courses, teachers and students are all interlinked, therefore each individual student will see all past, current, and future classes, exams, projects and due papers, all listed in the interactive calendar.
  • My Studies – a place to view and follow the whole curriculum a student has been assigned to. A student can see all modules and all materials associated with each module. Grades, attendance and additionally peer evaluation for group work gives direct feedback on individual achievements.
  • Library – students can view all listed books which have been published by the administration and will see which ones are assigned and when each is due to be returned. Only those books which were made active by the admin will be visible.
  • Mobility Programmes –Programmes like Erasmus can be integrated into the intranet thus allowingstudents to see information about each possible destination, how many remaining places are left and applying by clicking a button.
  • Photo gallery – Students can view photo albums published by the administration, which relate to a classroom, the whole year or an event. In order to prevent students from uploading a peta-byte of photos and to optimize server loads only viewing option is allocated.


Teachers and lecturers are sometimes full-time workers or rotating / visiting various establishments all-year-round just for those few specific courses. Our intranet is designed and arranged in order for any faculty member who is full-time or is just visiting to access to the platform where he/she can store files, update them, modify course materials in advance to the actual lectures. This gives students plenty of time to come to classes well prepared.


  • Faculty are assigned with their roles by the admin.
  • Faculty members have an interactivecalendar which helps them to organize upcoming classes.
  • Courses – a teacher/lecturer can view courses and modules assigned to him/ her, create course content by entering the description, photo, uploading materials as word, power point, excel, etc. or even video files for pre-course, in-class, post-course.
  • Teachers can assign tasks such as Assignments, Quizzes, Surveys, Take-home exams.
  • Teachers can separate students into groups where team-work is required and if necessary,start discussions where students can raise questions regarding an ongoing course.


Alumni are students which have already finished their studies and have obtained their diploma.


  • Alumni have access to the basics of student’s portal but since they are not active members, only relevant details are displayed (class photos, yearbooks, news and event, etc.)
  • Depending on the establishment it is possible to re-activate an alumni student by placing him or her into a current programme or just a specific module.
  • Admin have the possibility to move a student between classes, i.e. if a student has taken a leave and came back after half a year. Or if an ex-student would like to re-visit or attend a new module which was not available in the past.


Managing your staff and your students can sometimes be very hard and time consuming. We are here to help! Our intranet platform will assist with optimizingthe work-flow, improving the level of communication between faculty and students as well as raising achievement levels in education.


  • Programme – is the main tool used to create, modify, copy and import the curriculum for a defined period of time, be it one year or four. Managing groups of students, assigning teachers. Publishing exams, tests, quizzes, surveys, grades etc.
  • Group Announcements – a tool for sending out messages, reminders to everyone or specified groups.
  • News & Events – an easy way to integrate your articles and general announcements which are displayed on the main campus website.
  • Mobility Programme – a tool for listing universities with which there are existing agreements, e.g. Erasmus programme.It helps with managing all applying students who wish to register for a student exchangeprogramme.
  • Recourses – a place to store any and all documents related to the different programmes and corresponding modules. This tool makes it easy to modify any classroom materials. Having all necessary files in one place saves time and allows accessibility from any device.
  • Peer Evaluation – an additional tool to assign classrooms into groups for e.g. 5 people who are working on a project as a team and who in the end are evaluating each other’s efforts on top of the faculty review.
  • Library – an extensive tool to manage school books. Assigning individual code-stickers to each book, creating a list of all books, easy search by the title, author, ISBN or any other detail which has been assigned to the book ID. Assigning books to students or teachers, being able to see which person has which book. Getting notifications if the book is past due date and more.
  • Yearbook – students and any other interested parties can get access to their yearbook or any other class.
  • Photo Gallery – either for current students or for alumni, photos can be sorted into albums and uploaded for all to see.
  • Banner Upload – visual tool to assign unique pictures for each individual class.

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