We always believe in core development of the whole education system and hence are committed towards adding more and more features going forward that would bring more value to the whole system.


This Is The Mother Access Level Via Which All Others Can Be Controlled And Monitored.

  • Fluid Student Profile
  • Advanced Student Dashboard
  • Manage Students/Users Easily
  • Manage Academic & Classes
  • Add/Edit Subject
  • Add Class Timetable
  • Daily Attendance
  • Create/Manage Online Exam
  • Precise Accounting
  • Manage Office
  • Multi-Level Settings


This Part Is Exclusively For Teacher And All The Activities Associated With Them, Their Class And Students.

  • Fluid Student Profile
  • Advanced Student Dashboard
  • Host Interactive Video Class
  • Detailed Student Analysis
  • Connect With Other Teachers
  • Modify Subject
  • Define Class Timetable
  • Add Study Material Online
  • Manage Academic Syllabus
  • Add/Manage Daily Attendance
  • Add/Manage/Review Exam
  • Manage Library
  • Manage Transport
  • Manage Notice Board
  • Connect Via Messages
  • Advanced Account


Students Will Get To See Their Accomplishments And Improvement Scopes.

  • Fluid Student Profile
  • Advanced Student Dashboard
  • Join Interactive Video Class
  • View Teachers
  • View Subject
  • View/Manage Class Timetable
  • Attendance Viewer
  • Access Study Material Online
  • View Academic Syllabus
  • View Exam Results
  • Take/View Online Exam
  • View Payment
  • Access Library Online
  • Manage Transport
  • View Notice Board
  • Connect Via Message
  • Manage Account


Parents Will Always Stay In The Loop Of Their Ward’s Activities To Be Helping Them With Building Character And Intelligence.

  • Fluid Student Profile
  • Advanced Student Dashboard
  • View Teachers
  • View Academic Syllabus
  • View Class Timetable
  • View Student Attendance
  • View Exam Marks
  • View/Manage Payment
  • View Library
  • View/Manage Transport
  • View Notice Board
  • Connect Via Message
  • Manage Account

Adding to Your Years of Industry Experience

This concept not just records, monitors and analyses the whole operation system of a school but also enables the top decision maker to shape up the future for good.




Automate everything, Generate insightful reports, Make better & faster decisions.




Centralized system offers with the opportunity of accessing any information from selected level for ease of use.




This is all-in-one concept which triggers all the prime points that are necessary for building a future ready global school.

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