Online Learning Management System For Educational Institutes

Technology is influencing the education sector, with its innovations. Though traditional classroom studies are a regular practice, but the pandemic and lockdown has opened up a scenario for other preferences, like remote learning for education to continue, in situations when, schools and colleges are shut down and students cannot attend classes.


Before COVID-19 also many of us were familiar with the online education system as many government and private schools were conducting distance education and online classes. But with COVID-19 online studies has become an obligatory practice for all types of educational institutes.  


With this, there is a rising concern as how to provide the best learning experience to the students while ensuring that they get the right education. There are also concerns on how to manage the administrative matters and other factors. There is only one answer to every concern, and that is by having an online learning management system for your educational institute.


None ever imagined that the educational landscape will witness such a dramatic change and in huge scale so soon. Maybe it would have happened in near future, but this pandemic materialised it abruptly and fast.


What is a learning management system?

In simple words, it is the backbone of online learning process on which, educational workflow runs and students don’t get affected by the lockdown and its consequences. Using a learning management system, faculties can upload study materials, assign work, conduct online lectures, answer queries through messages and develop better communication with both students and parents.


Flipclasses is an advanced learning management system with features and functionalities that will assist you in conducting remote classes with ease. With very information in cloud, the data and information are safe and accessible at any time and from anywhere. This saves time and ensures safety.


Essential features

Here we have listed some of the technical features that will make digital learning a better experience. 


Create courses

This feature enables to develop courses within a learning management system software so that you don’t have to create course somewhere else and then import and upload. This saves time.


Course management

With facilities of pre-registration, every course or subject can me managed efficiently and automatically.


Manage communication

This facilitates a better communication between students and faculties, to clear doubts and queries.


Technical support

If there are any technical issues, that can be sorted with just a few clicks or by connecting the help centre.


Data storage

This is an essential feature. With all courses and information at one place, the administration can manage them securely.


Mobile access

This is essential so that both instructors and students can access classes from every kind of device.   



This helps to add interesting features to studies, that makes learning more fun and carried in a friendly manner.


Message board

This space is enabled for students to ask questions and clear doubts related to classes or subjects.


Video conferencing

This is an advanced feature to enable faculties and students to have face -to- face communication between students and instructors.


Choosing a learning management software


Things to know when you choose a learning management system software


1. Know the learning needs

Before you choose an LMS for yourself, you have to understand the goals to achieve. There are different kind of learning management system in market based on various needs. You have to decide that suits you best.


2. Mobile friendly

You must go for a tool that is accessible from any mobile device. If it is just limited to laptop or desktop, then this cannot be accessed by all. When it comes with options, more people will like to use it.


3. Easy integration

An LMS that comes with scope of easy integration and is compatible with every kind of social platform, improves its chances of usability. So, go for a software that is easy to integrate and use.


4. Pricing / Licensing Structure

When you are looking for a software you must also look into its pricing and licensing structure. It is recommended to explore the market and compare various software available, before you choose that suits you. And before you finalise, you must also see the license and how much it will cost you.

Compare the LMSs based on features and also price and licensing policies, is an essential criterion to look for. 


5. Content Compatibility

Content is the main criteria based on which you should decide an LMS, as all other features revolve around the content. Having the right kind of content and its easy demonstration is ban essential feature to look for. Therefore, a software which is content compatible, will be preferred. So, the first deciding step is to identify your content type.


6. Customer Support

This is another important factor that you must look for. There may be technical troubles or any issue with a software, getting assistance from the help desk will definitely save you from unnecessary concerns. Support readiness is an important aspect to look for.


7. Security and safety

Your LMS will have all administrative data and information, besides the study material. So, any security breach will put an institute in troubles. What you need is an assurance of content and data confidentiality. With cloud-based learning management systems, you don’t have to worry about data loss or security breaches.


8. Future ready

To keep up with technological changes, your LMS must have scope of frequent upgradation. SO, when you choose a learning software, look for the current features and how well equipped it is for farther changes or modifications.

A custom solution enables software tool is always the finest choice that you can make.


Concluding thoughts

Post COVID we are expecting to see a change in the education scenario. If not as the only educational approach, but remote learning is going to become a trend and practice parallel to the traditional classroom system.

There is many learning software available in market, to find the best learning management system, follow the above-mentioned tips.

If you want a custom solution, connect with our team.

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