What Is An LMS

With technology development, extensive use of digital materials and changing needs of modern student’s digital platform is taking over traditional classroom rapidly. Schools, colleges, training institutions or even corporates adopt Leaning Management SystemsIt helps to connect students, teachers and administration through a digital platform. Each of the stakeholders are contributing seamlessly and constantly to enrich the course content by adding fresh content to the central repository.


Let's explore the ways a good learning management system can enhance a traditional face-to-face learning environment.


Without any personal interference to each other different groups of students can learn independently


LMS is a digital platform used for any educational institution. It helps a teacher by increasing his efficiency to manage multiple classes with separate curriculums, scoring, attendance tracking assessments, reports, systems of communications and parents' involvement.


A personalized approach to each student


 It is a well-known fact that one teacher can't meet the diverse needs of every individual students when they are in a good number in a class within limited time span. Here, LMS offers a model of taking primary focus on students' needs and equal opportunities for everyone. A wide range of content format in this platform helps a teacher to provide a unique, tailored learning experience, which cannot be achieved in a traditional class. In addition to that here a student gets a sequence of steps to pass the course.


Increased engagement and students' collaboration


An LMS is a platform built with various communication tools. It allows a teacher to engage a student much more in study with the tools such as a chat, a forum, social communities, blogs, wikis etc. In a traditional classroom education system, a shy and low esteem student cannot actively participate in all classroom activities. But in this system, they can easily overcome the fears of expressing their thoughts, sitting on a comfortable chair in front of a monitor in a place of their own choice.


Flexibility, a room for pedagogical experiments and innovations


This platform makes a teacher free from following a prescribed program of a traditional class-room based teaching system. It helps a teacher to do experiment on the teaching system applying different learning models and techniques such as blended learning, rapid learning, storytelling, flipped learning, gamification, social learning etc.


Unlimited tracking data


An LMS provides unlimited tracking data such as the time spent completing a specific assignment or test; documents download statistics, the latest course activities, learning paths statistics, completion reports, user grades statistics and much more. It's really helpful for a teacher not only to improve students' performance by finding the gaps in their knowledge but find shortcomings in the teaching process to maximize the teaching effectiveness.


Parents' involvement


In this platform a parent can log in to the system to check the child's attendance, track the grades, and communicate with a teachers or with other parents to build better parent-teacher-student relationships.


Unlimited Customization Opportunities


What is great about installed LMS solutions, they can be widely customized and integrated with third-party components to reach the particular needs of each school. Let me bring an example of BMI (Baltic Management School), the reputed executive MBA school in Eastern Europe. They improved their quality of learning and teacher-student-organisation engagement dramatically after they implemented a customized LMS in their institute.

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