How An Institute Management System Can Help You?

How nice it will be to have software that can help you manage all institutional activities like managing online admission, exam scheduling, attendance, student progress and more. This will help to easily manage subjects and courses. This tool helps to manage your institute hassle-free and happens to act as a powerful system to handle everything in one place and efficiently.


When you have an amazing institute management system, you can realize how conferring education and managing its administrative aspects can be easy and that also saves your time and money.


To, smooth. Let’s see what features they and how can they say in short, this software is made of numerous tools to run your academic organizations benefit you.


Features and functionalities

Contemporary educational systems are all about imparting the right knowledge with advanced technological assistance. The software can improve your efficiency and enable you to operate on a huge scale. There are many reasons why schools, colleges, and universities or any other educational institutes are making them a choice.


Here are some of the features that you can find in any good application.


1. Admission and new enrolment

With the software, you can create data and have stored information about enrolled or to be enrolled, students. This will help you manage the students and ease out your admission management tasks.

2. Accounting

Accounting is a herculean task. Doing it on paper may lead to human error and will also take a longer time than technical assistance. With the scope of auto-accounting, just you can keep easy records and do fast calculations without any mistake.


3. Students attendance system

This is an essential feature with which you can keep track of student’s attendance across various classes.


4. Staff management

Managing the entire staff, their salary, attendance and monitoring their services become easy and in less time.  What has been tedious and complicated with the conventional methods, is now fast and quite convenient.


5. Scheduling

One most complicated and messy part of running an institute is to schedule routine for various classes and without any overlapping of time and teacher. With software, this task of the generation of timetable gets easier and there without any error. 


6. Student behaviour tracking

You can keep an eye on a student’s behaviour in groups and keep a record of any disciplinary concern. The report can be easily maintained and on taking of responsible measures, you can also monitor the changes and make a fast comparison to see the changes.


7. Health management

An institute management system helps to maintain records about the wellness chart of every student. In case there is any ill student, they can be taken care of and if there is any identification of illness that affects many students, then immediate action can be taken.


8. Fee management

This feature ensures easy management of fees and shows pending fees. Also, keeps giving reminders so that parents don’t miss the due dates.


9. Generate and print reports

With auto-generation features, you can easily generate reports regarding fees, admission details, ID cards, and more.


10. Push notifications

With this software, you can send personalized or bulk notifications to students or their parents through SMS, email and text messages. 


11. Library management

This will help you overcome the long and tedious task of managing a huge number of books, their registration, that being borrowed and the ones not yet returned. Doing the same takes lots of time and there can be some error. Also, you can easily decide which book is important and can be shelved in the library.


12.Transport management

Any good institute managing software will have transportation management option as bringing students and taking them back home is an important concern and institute that takes care of this, parents trust them. 


With a cloud-managed system, transportation can be well planned and supervised.


13. Channelize communication with parents

This is another great feature that will improve the communication of educational institutes with parents. There will be no gap and every small and big necessary information can be shared in real-time. Also, parents can keep track of their children’s day to day activities, progress, and behavioral aspects.

To summarise, a remote managing software for your institute can reduce your worry about managing the mundane things and help you concentrate on improving the standard of your institute.


Benefits of using software for managing your educational institutes

  • Maintaining attendance: No need to take roll call on paper, instead that can be maintained in the software and don’t need to evaluate manually. That can be done automatically.
  • Lecture uploads: A faculty can upload lecture notes, assignments and tests so that students can avail them from anywhere, without being present in class if a situation like this present scenario happens.
  • Better communication with parents: Due to any reason, parents may not be able to meet teachers or visit for a parents-teacher meet. No worries, communication can be flowing through the software. Also, in many other scenarios, parents can get real-time updates about their children and always be able to communicate better with institute authority and teachers.
  • Marks upload: With this, a teacher can easily upload marks of students and this can be accessed any time and from anywhere.
  • Report generation: This software will make report generation easier and fast. No need for any paperwork or worry about manual errors.
  • Payment of fees: Most good software comes with the feature that enables parents/students to pay fees online and through a safe payment gateway. You don’t need to wait in lines outside the bank/institutes for fees deposit. Also, if there is any delay or due date is nearing, you will get reminders.


Why choose Flipclasses?

Now, you know than an institute management software is an integrated solution for institutes that is aimed to make administrative work easier and handle regular tasks with better convenience.

It comes with many modules that make various aspects of education management easy and reduces human intervention.

With the same purpose, Flipclasses have launched their software to offer you the following:


  1. Trusted service: This software comes with end to end solutions and keeps your data and information safe and secured.
  2. Compatibility: This software is compatible with maximum mobile, and can be accessed from any place and at any time.
  3. Automation: This makes it one of the best alternatives to conventional measures or contemporary solutions.
  4. Custom solution: This is a brilliant attribute that will help you get the software customized to your needs.



Take charge of your institute with newer technologies and get your institute management system customized to suit your needs.

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