Why employee training is super critical for bigger corporate success

None of the corporate leaders want unhappy customer. However, if we look at consumer complaint platforms, we have hundreds of thousands of complains.  So where is the gap ?  Its mainly due to the employees that are more customer facing are not constantly being educated on company policies and visions. We will discuss some major gaps and solutions.


1.  In every organisation, if they can’t train their employees, individual employees will have different goals. The top layer knows about their vision and directions but that will never reach to lower level employees. The vision will always be missed. I think that’s the largest problem in most of the organisations. Low level employees just think day by day, task by task and think how soon they can leave office. Its not their mistake, its because they lack the larger goal. Without goal none can run because they don’t know the target. 

2.  The interesting fact is, most of the leaders know the problem but still they can’t organise enough training and day to day transmission of the vision. You know why ? Its because everyone are busy. Organising a training and reproducing lectures is very time taking affair. Sometime it feels like wastage of time. 

3.  Since many organisations don’t use any organised digital training platform they don’t know who are trained in what and who is mostly updated on a topic. For employees also its difficult to stay updated on new rule changes and new methods etc. 

4. Since organisations sent know who is mostly trained on what, they don’t have any clue about their skill gaps and hence not sure about next hires. It’s a trap. 



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